Protecting our People Program

BC Food & Beverage is announcing a program to procure and offer PPE (personal protective equipment) for the exclusive benefit of the food production, seafood and agriculture sectors in BC. Companies needing PPE can purchase through this initiative.

The PPE Access Program is being delivered by BC Food & Beverage and is being funded in part by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Government of British Columbia through programs delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of B.C.

PPE is essential for the Agrifoods sector but in recent weeks has been difficult to obtain, as well as cost prohibitive. Key PPE items being sourced under this initiative include:

  1. Surgical Masks

  2. Respirator masks

  3. Face shields

  4. Nitrite Gloves/Vinyl gloves

  5. Hand sanitizer, as required

BC Food & Beverage coordinate procurement to efficiently source what the industry needs in a timely and organized manner. BCFB’s goal is to order in large enough quantities to make them more affordable for industry to purchase them. The exact cost will be determined based on the contract of the suppliers, as pricing has been rapidly fluctuating.

This is intended to be a short-term project to ‘bridge the gap’ until industry is able to secure PPE supplier through their normal channels, who are currently having challenges procuring PPE outside of the healthcare sector.

BCFB will be ordering from reliable, established suppliers with a demonstrated ability to provide quality supplies at competitive prices.

BCFB has a partnership in place with Evolution Fulfillment, a Vancouver based order fulfillment and distribution specialist to assist with the ordering and distribution of these items to industry.

An online ordering system is being set up in coming days for businesses to order PPE inventory which will be posted on the BCFB website. Anticipated delivery dates will be posted on the BCFB website once the procurement contracts have been finalized.

Funding Support for PPE:

The government has also announced support to manufacturers to purchase that PPE through the pre-existing Post-Farm Food Safety Program and the On Farm Food Safety Program. Eligible companies can seek funding to acquire Personal Protective Equipment and other approved safety supplies for use at their facilities, to maintain a safe workplace and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. Please Review the COVID-19 Resource page for more information and further statements from the CFIA. Or click here to go directly to the application.


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